Task Force on Public Safety and Education

About Us

The Brookfield Task Force on Public Safety Education, Inc. was created to assist the City of Brookfield Police and Fire Departments in promoting public safety education to its residents and businesses.

The mission of the Brookfield Task Force on Public Safety Education, Inc. is to promote community awareness of public safety issues such as crime prevention, fire safety, and emergency medical services (EMS) through the development of programs implemented by a citizen board of volunteers in cooperation with police and fire department representatives.

Programs Promoting Community Awareness

These programs will focus on educating the community regarding their role in preventing crime, enhancing safety, and participating in EMS through community initiative and self-sufficiency.

Examples of public safety activities and programs supported by the Brookfield Task Force include,

  • The annual community-wide National Night Out Program in August.
  • The sponsorship of the Brookfield East High School Key Club’s Bullying Prevention Program.
  • The Brookfield Central High School Key Club’s Bus Safety Program.
  • Events to promote public safety.
  • Special community events.

As a volunteer, non-profit organization, the Task Force draws its support from the people who reside, work or attend school in the City of Brookfield.

For more information on the Brookfield Task Force on Public Safety Education, Inc., please call the Crime Prevention Unit at – (262) 787-3557.